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The Network for World Heritage Association is a non-profit association whose objective is to found and maintain, in Brazil and abroad, a World Heritage Network formed by educational and business institutions that are committed to respecting and valuing cultural, natural and immaterial diversity of humanity to build a more harmonious and peaceful world.

Our MISSION is to unite people through intercultural experiences that promote respect and appreciation of the cultural and natural diversity of humanity.

Our VALUES are: respect, diversity, humanism, sustainability, creativity, innovation, balance, multiculturalism and peace.

In order to achieve the Network's Mission and Values for World Heritage , we publish the notice for schools in Brazil, Spain and other Latin American countries. The notice will allow schools that become part of the Network to exchange intercultural experiences between young people from different backgrounds and conditions. Thus, schools will contribute to promoting among their students the respect and appreciation of the cultural and natural diversity of humanity.

Being part of the World Heritage Network means:

1. Be part of an interconnected international community in favor of World Heritage.
2. Know, value and preserve the cultural, natural and immaterial heritage of humanity.
3. Develop socio-emotional skills and abilities.
4. Working on values such as global citizenship, peace, respect, sustainability and social responsibility.
5. Working on innovation, technologies and creativity.
6. Develop your own heritage education methodology.

The Network's schools will be able to access content and training on World Heritage through transformative and free experiences, in addition to working, in a playful and motivating way, on the Sustainable Development Goals of the 2030 Agenda elaborated by the United Nations - UN. Thus, schools will be able to develop projects on the Heritage of Humanity, whether cultural, natural, mixed or immaterial.

Specifically, schools associated with the Network will have access to:

1. Twinning program between schools and companies.
2. Institutional communication kit and school visibility on social media.
3. Curator of content on World Heritage and virtual and face-to-face meetings of educators on good practices.
4. Project “Amazonic Bags” in favor of the preservation of the Amazon.
5. Exclusive World Heritage projects for schools.
6. Benefits and discounts on World Heritage travel.

To request your school's participation in the World Heritage Network , fill in the information requested.

We appreciate your interest in being part of an interconnected international community in for World Heritage.

In accordance with Law 12,956/2014 and 13,709/2018, I authorize the World Heritage Network to send communications by email or any other means and I agree with its privacy policy.

Thanks for sending!

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