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The “Amazonic bags” Project is a socio-environmental initiative that was inspired by one of the elements of the Planet's Natural Heritage.

This project aimed to make society aware of the Outstanding Universal Value of the Amazon. The project is in favor of conservation and seeks to promote sustainable development in the Amazon.

Jute is a plant grown in the Amazon without fertilizers or pesticides that respects the forest ecosystem. This plant is made into fabric and is 100% biodegradable and recyclable. Thanks to the manufacture of products made from 100% natural jute grown in the Amazon, we have built a bioeconomy for the world and preserved the environmental ecosystem of the Amazon forest and the planet.

As nature lovers, our goal is to disseminate, value and preserve the world's largest rainforest and its enormous biodiversity. The Amazon forest corresponds to 53% of the tropical forests that still exist on our planet, hence the importance of its conservation.

Education, the foundation of the future, is one of the pillars of our project. For this reason, the project includes a series of presentations at the network's schools, with the aim of training children and adolescents in nature conservation. Furthermore, in these educational meetings we will explain the importance of our biomes and talk about sustainable consumption alternatives.

The conservation of the Amazon rainforest is the responsibility of each one of us!

We support the #desperdiciozero movement: the process towards zero waste starts with small steps at home and in habits. To make it easier to change habits, Amazonic Bags creates natural jute bags grown 100% in the Amazon by local farmers. Our bags are reusable, ecological and sustainable and, most importantly, they preserve the Amazon rainforest and are a source of resources for its inhabitants.


By purchasing a jute bag from Amazonic Bags, you are investing in the cultivation of Amazonian jute, combating deforestation and promoting the conservation of an element of the Natural Heritage of Humanity.

The bags are handmade. They are the best alternative when it comes to consuming more consciously and supporting fair trade. The handles are also made of jute. There are different sizes and models of bags for different everyday uses.

A percentage of the project's profits goes to the sustainable cultivation of jute in the Amazon. When you buy bags from Amazonic Bags, you are protecting the Amazon and our planet.
Our Hearts With Our Planet.

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