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First webinar of the World Heritage Network

On January 28, the World Heritage Network held its first webinar on the importance of knowing, valuing and preserving the World Heritage.

The co-founders of the Network, Lourdes Ballesteros and Vivian Feher, welcomed the 16 new schools associated in the Network that are located in Spain, Brazil and Ecuador.

The venue for the meeting was at the IES Santa Teresa de Jesús, in the heart of Madrid. In this way, it was celebrated that the capital has been part of the World Heritage list since 2021, when UNESCO gave the rank of exceptional universal value, in the category of Cultural Landscape, to the Paseo del Prado and Buen Retiro, known as Landscape of the light.

The webinar was followed live by students from the IES Santa Teresa and online by students from the other centers belonging to the Network.

The concept of World Heritage is broad and somewhat complex at first. For this reason, the webinar gave an overview on the subject.

After the presentation and to facilitate the work of teachers, an introductory video on World Heritage was sent to schools, as well as a proposal for activities to work on in class.


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