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YOUTH EMPOWERMENT: Shaping Future Leaders

Updated: Jan 11, 2022

By Vivian Feher F. Cardellach, Co-founder of the World Heritage Network

29th of December 2021

It is no secret that the basis of all progress is education, teaching and motivation to study. Starting from this base, many of us have asked ourselves on countless occasions what we are teaching our children and future generations. What is failing in schools, in families, in society? Or rather, what is lacking so that there is still such a lack of environmental awareness and such indifference among young people for global problems and injustices?

In 2015, the United Nations created the 2030 Agenda with the purpose of achieving 17 incredible and inspiring sustainable development goals globally, we know them as the SDGs. Today, practically entering 2022, we are a long way from achieving them, unless things change radically. Many efforts have been made from different organizations, institutions, government and business level, but necessarily much more needs to be done.

The participation of all is essential and especially support for the work of organizations dedicated to the environment and culture, children and women, poverty and social inequality, hunger in the world, respect, peace, etc.

Like most organizations, the World Heritage Network Association supports and disseminates the SDGs. It develops this labor through its work with schools, companies and institutions committed to respecting and valuing the cultural, natural and immaterial diversity of humanity. One of the main goals of the World Heritage Network is to involve as many young people and children as possible in projects to generate impact in their schools and share it with the entire community internationally. These are projects that promote intercultural exchange between students of different origins and conditions, which makes it easier for schools to contribute to promoting respect and appreciation of diversity and the development of socio-emotional skills.

The outcome of the project work in schools, webinars, talks and activities available to members of the World Heritage Network is expected to be monumental. From the Network we dream of contributing to the education of global citizenship among the new generation of young people and children inspired by the conservation of cultural and natural diversity, in order to be able to lead in the immediate future in a responsible way, and inspire, in turn, to the current leaders of companies and institutions to promote positive change.

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